I'm a Total Loser Because...

January 27, 2015

I’m a loser, clichéd self-loathing loner.  My life is meaningless, my existence futile.  I’ve had issues with mental health/substance abuse problems in my past.  Psychotic episodes that were for public consumption on social media for all to see.  I alienated EVERYBODY in my life, intentionally and unintentionally.  27yr old college dropout with no friends and absolutely no one to talk to about my life.  No one who understands.  It’s been this way for years, multiple therapists were all dead ends.  I’m a virgin, a self-conscious porn addicted virgin.  Ugly?  Yes, of course.  Still living with parents?  What self-respecting loser isn’t?  At least I’ve been sober for the past 2yrs, but shit, that just makes me more of an outcast cause everybody fucking drinks.  Attended Alcoholic’s Anonymous for awhile, but I’m not really into lifestyle cults with dogmas that tell me I have to work the steps or die of cirrhosis from a substance that I have no control over.  I tried to make friends there, buuuuuttttt, tow the line or get out.  I couldn’t connect, I never can. 

I have these thoughts, that maybe this life isn’t real and all we’re experiencing is just a subconscious illusion of relative truths and experiences that shape a greater cosmic intelligence to justify the ends of some means that we’ll never understand.  Processed and reincarnated over and over for the purpose of intense suffering.  My mom tells me all I need is Jesus.  If only spiritual fulfillment were that simple.  Maybe it is for some people, but I’m not wired that way.

I’m flawed, I live in bondage to worldly desires/impulses.  I punch in and out, collect my paycheck while I make a lot more money for someone else.  This life sucks and only cause I allow it to.

To all my fellow losers out there,

Maybe it doesn’t get better, maybe this life is what it’s supposed to be.  Doomed to the social maladies and afflictions that we’re born with.  Genetic predispositions that we can’t re-code.

Loser, total loser.  Like-minded people only exist on another planet and I’m just sitting here, unable to connect.  Always unable to connect.  Fuck, I’m rambling but it feels good to vent.  Thanks for letting me share on this pathetic site.

“Trust those who seek the truth, but doubt those who say they have found it.” – Andre Gide

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January 27, 2015

Hey world, i am a 28 year old loser living with my parents. Graduated grad school 1.5 years ago and cannot find a decent entry level position. Currently I work a shitty dead end job as a stock boy in terrible warehouse. It is even hard getting fucking internships being the fuck-up i am. Have no friends. No social life. I don't like this life thing, can I get my money back please?

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January 25, 2015

I'm a 38 year old loser. I'm married with children and have a job. Sounds nice but it's not. I hate my existence.  Everything about my life is lame. I with a woman I can't stand but I'm so ugly and lame that I can't get another one.  Only had 1 piece of pussy. Always broke working two jobs and always on the edge of being fired. I don't do shit at work but jack off to porn. Then I lie on my paperwork to make it look like I'm working. Tired of my wife cause she's fat with 100 thousand miles on her.

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January 25, 2015
<p>everyone nowadays are paired.nd I m .....even when I proposed her.she refuse me.I try again nd again failure.not only that my friends now think that I m totally bore.I think this whole universe put me in a hard path.where I don't call anyone.I dont know I m ugly or bad bt i knw i m simply a human with some flesh.I hav to wake up ND I never give up that's y I m a talented loser.</p>
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January 22, 2015

Inner me, I am lost. I cannnot even concentrate on one simple and yet most important thing in my life. 

I don't know how to tell a simple story.

I don't know how to write a simple story.

I don't know how to express my thought clearly. 

I am a true loser. I am trying very hard to think that I have learning disability but others disagree. 

When I stood in public, I am a impostor.

When public view me, I am a smart people. 

 I am a true loser. I have try to avoid people by hinding in the basement for last six months. 



January 22, 2015

I belong to a poor family my father had to work very hard to get me into college.He had very high hopes for me and I wasnt a stupid kid either , but i am ugly as hell, girls are easy around me they always think of me as someone who could never make a move and one or two times when I have tried i ended up being shot down or even worse ignored. With my growing age and every girl arround me being unavailable I am bound to end up alone , cming back to my education , I managed to get into a reputated college but it was never for me all I wanted to do was to make my father happy , but after completeing my degree I have realised that even people who were stupid in class are living a better life than me. They have looks , they have girls they have parental money and establishments which took them far ahead . Overall I am not only jealous but also feel sorry for my parents who had hopes in me that some day i would change mine and their lives. Now I am so ashamed of myself that I dont even want to talk to my parents anymore .There isn`t a day that goes by without me thinking of a suicide, but its the thought of my dad amd mom crying over my dead body that forces me to carry this burden called life. I had no priveleges as a child ,in college i never had money to buy proper cloths or too spend money  on myself so that i could atleast look normal, worse i was starving towards the end . But I never complained I always thought that things might change.But this has become my fate I dont look good, my college education doesnt really matters, I am 23 and never have even touched a girl or i should say I am a woman repeller. I just look at the sky everyday and pray that a long heavy steak to fall from above onto my chest and liberate me of my misery.

January 21, 2015

My boss, she usually calls around eleven and I slept until 11:58 this morning, missing her call. She called and told me that particular job was full and already given to someone else. If I had called her earlier, I could have had the job. Since the job pays $32 a night and comes with a free meal, I could have something better than nothing. Last night I attended a focus group and got free food as well, a step ahead in loserdome only the size of a butterfly flapping its wings. The reason I never want to wake up or get out of bed in the morning is I don't want to see my snoopy neighbors who report on my latest gossip and lack of a steady job. 

January 21, 2015

I'm a loser in every aspect of life. I have no talents and no friends. At school its hell for me. I get put down and bullied so much. I considered suicide but then i got over it. It just doesn't make sense how people can hate me so much. I don't want to die but what's the point of being alive if I can't do anything to contribute to the world. And i dont get why guys don't like me. I've been to wedding receptions and parties of relatives and i've dressed up really nice but no guy even looks at me. The worst was when i was at school and i dressed up so nice for an interview and no guy even looked at me. It hurt me so bad. I believe in love at first sight. I don't know what to do. There is even this girl who is so annoying and ugly but she has a boyfriend and people like her more than me. Sometimes all i want is a person to feel sorry for me and tell me it will be okay even though it won't do anything. I am the human meg. Literally. If she was real she would've killed herself already.

  1. fukkface fukkface said: Cheer up meg, it may be best if you wait for love. All those girls who are dating will end up fat and used up by 25 with kids by multiple men. You'll find someone when it's time don't rush or settle focus on education and your finances, I wish I had inste
  2. Loohooser Loohooser said: Logically, if that girl is uglier than you and has a boyfriend then you can get one too and probably a better one than an uglier girl like her. 1 plus one is two.

January 20, 2015

I'm a 28 year old lady who lives in her mom's basement and has no great accomplishments in life. I'm on disability for chronic pain, seizures, and agoraphobia. I can't hold down a job or attend school. I will forever live in my mom's basement. I have very few friends because I'm such a loser. I hate being a loser, but it feels impossible to fix it or overcome my illnesses. I'm of course single because no one wants a loser for a partner and I can't have kids. 

  1. fukkface fukkface said: Get on a dating site, I'm sure you can find a male version of yourself. Guys are always looking for twat, the kid thing is not that big of a deal, I have 2 and regret having them.
  2. Loohooser Loohooser said: Wow, you sound EXACTLY like me except for I think I can have kids. Don't know, no one wants to try with me. They cap off the penis...

January 17, 2015

I`m a 17 year old girl who really lives in loserdom. I`m not really ugly but it feels like I have something that really makes people feel they should runaway from me. I dont know what it is, but definitely there`s something.

I used to be one of the best students of all but two years ago I really moved from my native country to live in loserdom, forever. I had a few friends -good friends- but they just get tired of me, all the time. I don`t have any talent, I don`t even speak english fluently. I used to read loser books to feel less loser but it`s not working anymore. Boys always say I`m nice and `cute` but they don`t want me, not even the losers want me. I feel like I`ll never find someone nice to be with. I don`t have friends anymore and I dont really know how I should talk to people. I`m really short and inconvenient. I always try so hard to make friends but it never works. I think all teens should be out there, partying and enjoying life but the only thing I can do is watching cartoons and going to websites to find someone to chitchat with while I`m listening to dubstep to feel less depressed. I`m trying to find nerdy things to do but it`s not working because I can`t do anything. I can`t even play the fucking GTA game. People always laugh at me when I try to do that. Everybody is tired of me, my parents included.