I'm a Total Loser Because...

July 22, 2014
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July 22, 2014

Iam hungry and have no money right now (while typing this ofcourse) . I feel this site is my friend where i see lot of them having situations like mine . Ofcourse in real life i have no friends. I fantasize myself living a lonely life in which i live in a lonely house and do stuff talking to myself and where everyfuckingone i know have been married. I always look at beautiful girls and wonder how lucky their boyfriends are to get a girl like that. Iam very shy to talk to girls. Once in a year some girl talks to me and i think of that moment for my whole fucking life. I think that that girl likes me. People dnt give me anything . They dnt talk to me either. I love animals. Atleast they dnt speak ill about me. Universe , why did you make me like this ? Please support me and help me or erase me .

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July 22, 2014

i revealed my weakness to my friends and society .i am  24 years old. did  not go for work . never nurtured a single plant or a pet .i spent my time sleeping . gaming watching porn. could'nt complete degree. my family members think i am failure . religious people think i am out of religion . all i could do is sleep as much possible . get to office .simply sit there retutn at night . so shy to go to market. village people will incure about my situation .

now the only hope of life  is either runaway from state  or suicide 

July 22, 2014

Iam the most fucking loser in the world . I dnt have any girl friends . Infact no girls talk to me. I always fantasize a lovely girl being with me always . People usually ignore me and ignore everything i say. I thought i had 2 friends but they dnt see me as their friends. People talk/be with me for a small time then they either fight/leave/something happens. In the end iam always alone. Iam so lonely inside.i feel lonely again when -couples are together/friends chilling in a gang/people having fun. I feel so unwanted to this world. Yet iam afraid of committing suicide. Iam a fucking loser . Peace out

July 20, 2014

iam a great loser guy....iam very shy...especillay among girls....its increasing day by day..i started boozing n smoking...bt it took away my health...i had a girlfriend...bt she dumped me because i couldnt speak to her friends...they all see me as a coward....iam weak in studies also...my life is so fucked up.....am scared to die...i want to live...bt i really dont knw why am living...i shiver when i do things infront of others...for example my hands shiver when a ride a bike infronyt of others....even my parents c mee as a loser....weak n studeis..socially awkward.....weak n sports.....weak n evrything...PLZ HELP ME DEAR BUDDIES...WHAT SHALL I DO

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July 20, 2014

Ever since I was a kid I've had low self-esteem and never really, REALLY felt comfortable with people. I've only gotten worse with age, partly because I'm smarter now, meaning I'm more critical. The problem is I'm very critical of myself. Sometimes I feel like people can't even tell that I feel worthless and unworthy inside, but I still can't just be cool yo. It feels as though people can tell what I'm thinking from just observing my body language, because I myself am quite good at judging people based on their body lingo. So everytime I do anything, I feel like people know what I'm thinking, and it makes me act even more weird.


I also fantasize almost all the time, even when I'm with actual people. None of my interactions with my peers is ever fulfilling, so I just start fantasizing. I feel like I'm missing something that normal people have, and until I get it, I feell like I'll never be able to be at home in my own skin. I wanna say more stuff and just vent, but it's so hard to articulate what I feel sometimes so fuck it.

July 19, 2014

Ive been doing really well. Last night wasnt the best of nights but Im still alive and breathing so, I feel good. :) 

July 16, 2014

I have this unexplainable self sabotaging behavior that ive become accustomed to. Tuesday was a good day, until the end of it when my parents knocked me off the schedule I had laid out for myself. I was so close too, I was on my knees about to say my prayers, about to jump in my bed and end my day victoriously. They came rushing in saying they needed help with something, I told them I was sleepy and every exvuse i could think of but they insisted. I helped them, and then stayed up till 9 am doing absoluetly nothing on the internet and watched dumb sitcoms on tv, self loathingly, "i shouldve fit more time into my schedule for incedentals.. i shouldnt have been so stupid to give up.. what is wrong with me.. why am i such a loser.. i need a fcking therspist, im too poor and lazy to afford a therapist" the thoughts just rambled on and on until i coma'd out on the sofa.


I plan to be productive again next week.. as for now, whatever.

  1. loserdock loserdock said: Ha-ha! This is interesting. It's always fun to meet someone who thinks like I do, makes me feel less fucked up.

July 11, 2014

All the motivation in the world can't move me.

  1. TotalLoser TotalLoser said: I know exactly how you feel.
  2. theycallmeT theycallmeT said: Hope you can find something in life that makes you feel good a purposeful :) You have time to find it and others in the world on the same journey ! Get er done!!!

July 10, 2014

Hip hip horray, I'm doing something productive for once. Applying for jobs. I started filling out the applications. I decided I should get a job so I can save up to feed the homeless. I would most likely spend it on something petty anyway, so this is good. And honestly I find no real value in my life. But can be of good use or just be a helping hand, put a smile on someone elses face. Funny cause I have like -10 social skills, but strangely that doesnt even bother right now.

  1. theycallmeT theycallmeT said: I think you feel that way (good) because you are stepping it up!